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Insurers uncovered 212,000 dishonest motor applications in 2014

Common lies exposed include forgetting to disclose previous claims or unspent convictions when asked, giving false address or post code for a lower risk area, and parents insuring in their name a vehicle being mainly driven by their son or daughter. Last year more than 1,500 reports to the Insurance Fraud Bureau’s (IFB) cheatline related […]

Aviva puts forward plan to cut £2.5bn cost of whiplash claims

New proposals in the report, Road to Reform, include: A reduced limitation period – all whiplash and soft tissue injuries must be claimed for within 12 months of the accident; Minimum injury thresholds – symptoms must persist for longer than three months for a claim to be made; Disability levels – medical reports assess the […]

Car insurance prices fall 11%

The average cost of car insurance premiums has fallen by nearly 11 per cent, according to research by price comparison website MoneySupermarket. Premiums have been rising for some time but increased competition among insurers and the use of price comparison sites, has finally helped prices to fall across the UK. Motorists in Cleveland and Harrogate […]

Insurers call for one-year minimum L-plates

With an 18-year-old driver three times more likely than a 48-year-old to be involved in an accident, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) says restrictions should be placed on new drivers in order to save lives. The ABI is calling for a number of changes to the way youngsters learn to drive in the UK, […]

EU gender rules bring mixed blessings for women

New EU rules, due to take effect on 21 December, are expected to lead to a substantial increase in the cost of car insurance for female drivers, but could benefit female pensioners. In 2011, the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg ruled that setting insurance premiums or pensions based on gender was discriminatory and breached […]

Aviva pilots pay-how-you-drive insurance

Aviva is proposing to use smartphone technology to create individual driver profiles that will be used to calculate tailored “pay-how-you-drive” premiums. Aviva RateMyDrive, which is about to enter its next trial stage, monitors motorists for 200 miles, including acceleration, braking and cornering. The data is then turned into an individual score which helps determine the […]

Car insurance costing young drivers dearly

Young drivers are being hit hard with insurance premiums, which can be nearly sixfold those paid by pensioners and up to a fifth of a young person’s salary, new figures have shown. The research, commissioned by, has shown that the average income of an 18-21 year old is a little under £14,000, but that […]

Insurance costs dip for drivers, says AA

Insurance costs dip for drivers, says AA Motor insurance costs fell in the first three months of the year after a period of rising premiums, the AA has said. The cost of comprehensive car insurance dropped by 1.1% to £1,132 at the end of March, based on the cheapest premiums from a range of employers. […]

China could open door to foreign motor insurers

Foreign insurers should soon be able to sell comprehensive motor insurance in China after a deal was sealed by vice-president Xi Jinping at a meeting held in the US. The agreement was announced as part of the joint statement of outcomes under the US-China Strategic Economic Dialogue. No timetable has been set for the changes […]

UK is whiplash capital of Europe

Price comparison website has welcomed the increased focus upon whiplash as a driving factor in rising motor insurance premiums. Transport Secretary Justine Greening has recently declared the UK the whiplash capital of Europe, as the nation sees more than 1,500 claims a day. Over the last 10 years the figures for deaths and seriously […]